Our Mission


The VibroAcoustic Studio is an innovative, experimental and research-based art project that examines the synthesis between music, body and mind. Vibroacoustic experiences combine culture, vibration therapy and carefully designed electronic musical compositions, tailored to ease the listener into various desired states of (no) mind. 

The works are specially composed and produced to inspire presence in body and mind. The vibrations of the vibroacoustic floor effectively stimulate the vagus nerve, which activates the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS), also known as our "rest & digest state". The vagus nerve and the PNS promotes the body to enter a relaxed state, measured by the use of EEGs and HRV which show that the brain is changing from the ‘stressed’ beta frequency band, to a ‘relaxed’ alpha, theta or delta frequency band. The VibroAcoustic Therapy has proven to have profoundly uplifting effects on the nervous system that that have positive implications on general health and well-being

Our experiences provide a feeling of wellness by instilling calmness, balance and rejuvenation. During the session, the musician facilitates the vibrational ‘medicine’ of specifically composed electronic soundscapes to help participants meditate and relax amidst immersive sounds and vibrations induced through the floor. Each participant is laying safely and comfortably on their own VibroAcoustics floor module, imitating a feeling often described as being inside a womb.

We believe this to be a novel form of treatment, bridging culture, art and therapy. We reckon that the VibroAcoustic Studio holds an immense potential for expanding our understanding of therapy and healing by combining music, science, culture, spirituality, art and technology. 




Environmental noise and noisy environments can overwork our senses, which can further lead to a stressed state that can have an impact on  physiological and psychological health(1). Whereas, ambient environments allow the organism to enter an homeostatic state of equilibrium through adaptation and regulation (2).

The vagus nerve is the longest nerve of the autonomic nervous system, and helps regulate many critical bodily functions, including heart rate, blood pressure and digestion. The vagus nerve is also  the information highway from brain to the heart, gut, lungs and other main organs of the body. The processing and regulation of emotions also happens via the vagus nerve and the heart, gut and brain. Furthermore, the vagus nerve balances the nervous system by prompting a relaxation response when the sympathetic nervous system is getting into a strong fight or flight response. 

Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) has shown promising effects to treat depression, anxiety, as well as enhance sleep, focus and overall cognition of an individual. The vagus nerve consists of a branch that expands to the tympanic membrane (eardrum), which vibrates in response to sound. Therefore, when listening to our preferred type of music the vagus nerve responds by helping the body to relax by lowering the heart rate while simultaneously increasing intestinal activity. Pacini corpuscles located inside of our intestines are wired to register subsonic frequencies. These pacini corpuscles are our first tool of communication that are developed very early in the prenatal stage, helping the developing baby to feel the mother’s vibrations that guide the baby when to relax, sleep or eat.

The experience at the VibroAcoustic Studio is proposed to produce a neurophysiological impact on the vagal tone through the relaxation and stimulation of the vagus nerve through the vibrations generated from the low-frequency bass from the wooden bass floor (3). The study carried out by (4) further emphasizes the impact of  vibrations generated from low frequency-music to stimulate the central nervous system through the abdomen as an alternative treatment method for depression. 

Inspired by the leading research on infancy, embryo sensory reception and vagus nerve stimulation, we use sound and vibration therapy to stimulate the various states of relaxation,, while making it an sensory and artistic experience.




We envision a future based on community, connection, sustainability and positive-impact innovation. A future of self-actualization and thriving for all people and beings. Individual behaviour creates the foundation for action in all contexts of sustainability and guides our ability to work with one another to make life-affirming decisions. We believe the future can only be collectively sustainable if only people are,  on an individual level. If each individual is in tune with their innermost self, it would lead us to collectively cooperate with each other on a global scale. Inner calm is often threatened by the external  stressors of the outer world  and internal stressors of overthinking and worry. These stressors disrupt the natural rhythm of the nervous system that can further manifest as unease and dis-ease in our body and mind.

Stress can have long lasting impacts on one's emotions, thoughts and behaviours. While stress is common, the consequences of stress can vary from minor to more long-term chronic stress, potentially resulting in problems such as depression, anxiety, personality disorders as well as physical pain. The neuroplasticity of the human brain is fascinating, the same way a ‘fight or flight’ response mechanism is implemented by continuous exposure to stress, a deep-rooted calmness can be fostered by exposure to relaxation. As they say,  “If you don’t use it, you lose it” - just like training on your muscles or learning a new language, the more you practice the same skill, the easier it becomes to reach that goal. Relaxation works on the same principles, and the more you teach your body and mind to relax, the easier it becomes to enter a relaxed state. We at the VibrAcoustic Studio want to make the state of relaxation easily attainable in our faced paced lives.

We believe that a sustainable future starts from sustainable individuals. Bridging gaps between therapy, science, technology, art and culture, The VibroAcoustic Studio aims to stimulate people’s nervous system’s states of balance, calmness and self-rejuvenation through a combined use of specifically produced music, vibrotactile subsonic frequencies and facilitation. We are in the age of information where we are saturating our senses with information, and hence we want to provide an alternate experience for the body and mind to disconnect from the information overload, and connect beneath the conscious mind.